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Here is the iPhone 5 image which was adjusted in an image app on the iPhone. The clarity is fine but the background was painted in violets and the lamp is green.

This image is from the color balanced Canon 7D with balanced light and a created color profile for this particular photograph. Notice the lavenders and the true green of the lamp!
Photography has become a diluted media and there are countless people claiming to be professional at the art. Many people are skilled at the artistic side of the art, others the technical and still others believe that Photoshop is the Holy Grail of photography. I am in a position to veiw many of the examples of photographs being submitted for publication and let me tell you the gap between what I am generally seeing and what we do is HUGE.

To the right you will see two examples of a pastel painting. The first is was photographed with an iPhone 5 and demonstrates the clarity and adequate file size of the iPhone. The next was photographed with balanced lighting from which a color profile was created and adjusted on a calibrated monitor. The image was shot with a Canon 7D in RAW format.

This project, which I was commissioned to paint a 24x36 group portrait of the fishing group on a B.C. Canada river, entailed more than the days of painting. The client wanted a copy of the painting for each of the fellas pictured, in its original size. This was a large investment and the prints (giclee prints) had to match the original work exactly. This is precisely what Photo My Art is noted for! All the prints were framed as gifts!

Here are the comments from the client after receiving the prints:

"It was a pleasure working with you... I will definitely keep you in my thoughts if other colleagues need similar work. The prints looked great! Thanks again."



Tru-Vue, the leader in glass and acrylic glazing for photography, paintings and art display is currently featuring images taken by PhotoMyArt.

This excerpt is taken from their catalogue. Read all about the superior products here:

Follow this link to view these images on our client page.


We deliver fantastic results for:

  • Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings

  • Charcoal Drawings

  • Watercolors

  • Detailed Pen and Ink Drawings

  • Collage and Mixed Media Works

  • Framed Antique Works

  • Pastel Paintings

A great deal of my professional photography involves "Picture Day" photography that we perform for recreation departments, leagues and schools; photography is NOT a hobby for me, it is my work and my passion. I am also a pastel painter which lead me to perfecting artwork photography with my studio lighting. I photograph artwork for gallery submission, art show submissions, magazine submissions, giclee prints etc.

I have been a professional photographer since 1996 and instructed photography students at Maidu High in Auburn CA until I retired in 2004 and moved to Washington. I have 14 years of PhotoShop training.

As painters, we are constantly concerned with values, color and light. Photographing artwork is all about light, values, color and reflective light. When I photograph artwork I use either my Canon 5DII or my 7D. I use a cross polarization method where appropriate. All images are taken in RAW format, creating files that are roughly 25 MB in size. These are of course reduced to submission specifications if desired. I create a color profile for each photo session using XRite's state of the art color palette and software. We are proficient with PhotoShop CS 6 Creative Suite and Camera Raw Bridge. Our processing monitor is color balanced with Eye-One Monitor calibration.

My studio is set up for shooting artwork. To travel to another location and replicate what we have here would be very time consuming and expensive; not to mention the space requirements and the lighting environment. We appreciate our clients coming to us.

As you can see, the creating an artwork photograph is an art in itself.  My images will replicate your artwork, guaranteed!

James at work in the "darkroom". You may notice the blue blocks in the background of this photo. I
photograph children, families, business professionals and high school seniors as well.

We would love to offer you some options on your visit to our studio. First, we would love to have you involved in the processing of your artwork. You are the artist. We value your opinion and will work with you to create each file. Secondly, you can bring your easel and enjoy some time on our property. Set up along the lake, the forest clearings or amongst the boulders. And third, you are welcome to use the rope swing if you have children. WIFI is available, at no charge of course, and the coffee is fresh ground!


We are located in a home office at the edge of a ten acre lake in Anacortes WA, just three miles from Deception Pass Bridge.

  these were taken on our immediate property  

When I am not setting my F-Stops, I enjoy
my other passion, painting, which shares a portion of my studio.

 I also work in charcoal, graphite, watercolor and inks. But pastels is where I am most comfortable. I hope you
will come and enjoy some time in our studio!

Other facets to our business

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